The Kangaroo Creek Gang Roadshow
~The Ultimate in Children's Entertainment~
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We are a children’s entertainment group, featuring characters from The Kangaroo     Creek Gang, as depicted in the series of books and educational multi media packages which are currently available throughout Australia.
Kangaroo Creek Gang theatrical set
Our Shopping Centre Theatrical Set
Ranger West and the Kangaroo Creek Gang
All our shopping centre performance formats maintain a high level of large-scale audience participation with dances and close interaction between the children and the characters.
Our shows feature Kevin Kangaroo and Wal Wombat (full sized costume characters) with Tiddles Tiger Snake, Redmond Rabbit and Patsy Possum (puppets) and Ranger West, who sings and plays his guitar live, to orchestrated accompaniments. 
children dancing with the Kangaroo Creek Gang
Our shows feature classic musical pantomime elements and the children are involved in playing musical instruments and singing and dancing with us. Twenty prize bags are awarded to the children of the audience during each 35 minute show.
Kangaroo Creek Gang shopping centre audience
Throughout the week of our shopping centre performances, we run a colouring competition, which ensures that the children visit your centre a second time to return their entries and a third time for prize giving on the final day. Prizes include Kangaroo Creek Gang merchandise such as fluffy toys of the characters, CD’s and audio tapes, books, bookmarks, badges, stickers, posters, etc. All competition forms and prizes are supplied by us.
During the week, we perform a mixture of various  formats so that the children can see a different show each time they return.
We have performed at all major shopping centres in the Perth metropolitan area and at many regional centres. We also perform at primary schools, fairs, fetes, agricultural shows and children’s parties. In addition to this, our show has toured to every capital city in Australia.
Kangaroo Creek Gang theatrical set
We have completed a second series of 26 half hour animated television shows, making 52 episodes in all, which are currently being shown on the 9 network in Perth. This exposure has raised our public profile and therefore, our popularity throughout Western Australia.
Ranger West, Kevin Kangaroo and Wal Wombat on stage
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